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Durable heating

Sustainable heating of your company

More and more companies want to heat their offices and factories sustainably. This is logical, because sustainable for the planet also increasingly means sustainable for the wallet.

A win-win situation! Time for a plan to heat your company sustainably.

At KiwiHesta we have collected a number of useful tips for you.

Tips for sustainable heating

We have four tips for sustainable heating for your company:

  1. Connect the boiler to a heat pump.
  2. Ensure good insulation.
  3. Invest in green electricity.
  4. Do heat recovery.

Below we explain the above tips in more detail.

Connecting a boiler to a heat pump

Most companies heat their business with a gas-fired central heating boiler. By connecting a heat pump to this boiler, the gas consumption can be significantly reduced.

You can also choose to switch entirely to a heat pump. But because a company often consumes more energy than a household, a boiler is usually needed to supplement the energy supply.

Ensure good insulation

Another way to save energy and make your business more sustainable is by, for example, good insulation.

  • Roof Insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Double glazing
  • High-speed roll-up doors

Invest in green electricity

Investing in green energy, such as solar energy, is also a good way to heat your business sustainably. You can use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity to feed your heat pump, or you can heat your water directly using solar collectors.

Sun is inexhaustible and therefore a very sustainable alternative to grey energy, which is generated with fossil fuels. Examples are coal, lignite, natural gas and petroleum.

Do heat recovery

By means of a twin coil system you can recover heat that is normally lost.

What exactly is a twin coil system?

A twin coil system consists (as the ‘twin’ part suggests) of two heat exchangers.

These exchangers are connected to each other by a pipe system in which water (often mixed with glycol) is pumped around. This pumping is done by means of a circulation pump.

One of the exchangers is installed in the air supply and the other in the air outlet. Together they extract heat from the outgoing air and transport it via the water to heat the incoming air.

Reference to KiwiHesta page for twincoil systems


Advantages of a twin coil system

The twin coil system is a relatively simple and inexpensive solution to make existing climate systems more energy efficient. It can often be placed on an existing system.

This makes the existing heating system much more economical. Think of an energy saving of up to 80%!

With this blog we hope to have inspired you to heat your company more sustainably.

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