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Our expertise

Our expertise

KiwiHesta specialist in heat exchangers and heaters/coolers.

KiwiHesta is a Dutch producer of heat exchangers and heaters.

For heat exchangers made of hot-dip galvanised steel, stainless steel/ALU or stainless steel/stainless steel, but also for copper aluminium heating and cooling batteries, you have come to the right place.

As a steam specialist KiwiHesta supplies custom products to both industry and installer for both space heating and process heating. Thanks to our years of experience and steam technical know-how, we can think along with you to achieve an optimal product choice, in which quality, safety, durability and energy efficiency are our spearheads.

Cooling batteries
As a battery specialist, we supply cooling batteries in both cold water version and in DX (direct expansion), possibly equipped with drip traps and drip trays.
If desired, we can provide the batteries with a coating that will extend their life span considerably.

Because we work in an efficient way, we are able to deliver our products, including custom-made products, quickly. We would be pleased to visit you to make an inventory of your wishes in order to be able to offer you a suitable solution in the end.

Our mission statement
Thanks to our many years of experience and know-how, we are able to think along with you in order to come to an optimal product choice. Kiwihesta offers customized products for both industry and installer.

Our vision
Sustainability is an increasingly important theme in our society. We would like to contribute to this through our products. In addition, quality, safety and energy efficiency are of paramount importance to us.

Fast delivery
Because we work in an efficient way, we can deliver our (custom) work products quickly.

Our team
Our team consists of a small group of colleagues who are happy to help you with your questions. Due to short lines of communication, we can switch quickly and we are well attuned to each other.)


We are happy to advise you

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